The New Gold-Backed Monetary System and Blockchain-based Free Speech Platform

Gold is returning.
Justice, fairness and equality is returning.
The truth is returning.
Enjoy the show. Two neutron stars colliding on one another and creating gold, as well as other elements.
Sovereignty is returning.
JFK and Soekarno were about to end the Federal Reserve and create a gold-backed dollar that would eventually roll out to all nations of the world.
Ben Swann announces Isegoria in this 3 minute 48 second video. Follow Ben’s Facebook page for more information.
This “oceanscrapers” proposal is for off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The goal is to provide sustainable living for over 10,000 housing units, work and office spaces, sea farms, gardens, community orchards, sports complexes and more. Proposed by Vincent Callebaut.
A self-sustaining urban utopia, which grows organic food and produces more energy than it consumes. As proposed by Vincent Callebaut.




A world that provides for all is possible.

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Lance Schuttler

Lance Schuttler

A world that provides for all is possible.

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