Crypto-Million & Billionaires: Let’s Build This Kind of World (Photos)

Depiction of a Biomimetic learning center and nautilus eco-resort in the Phillippines, by pioneering architect Vincent Callebaut.
A self-sustaining urban utopia, which grows organic food and produces more energy than it consumes. As proposed by Vincent Callebaut.
A floating ferry terminal in Seoul, South Korea on the Han River, as proposed by Vincent Callebaut.
This “oceanscrapers” proposal is for off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The goal is to provide sustainable living for over 10,000 housing units, work and office spaces, sea farms, gardens, community orchards, sports complexes and more. Proposed by Vincent Callebaut.
The Oceanscrapper proposal for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Vincent Callebaut.
A labyrinth co-existing alongside an orchard, as proposed by Vincent Callebaut.
The Tao Zhu Yin Yuan skyscrapper will inhabit 23,000 trees, which will absorb close to 130 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. Completion is scheduled for 2018. Design by Vincent Callebaut.




A world that provides for all is possible.

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Lance Schuttler

Lance Schuttler

A world that provides for all is possible.

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