A potent medicinal mushroom that is highly anti-viral.

With medicinal mushrooms continuing to trend within the nutraceutical and wellness industries around the world, we’ll look at the mysterious Agarikon mushroom and the benefits it exudes.

We’ll also discuss how it has been shown to be among the strongest anti-virals known, how ancient Greeks used it as a Tuberculosis…

My fellow crypto-aires and crypto-enthusiasts, the time has come for a beautiful new world to be made manifest out of the crumbling old political, financial and social structures we see around us.

Depiction of a Biomimetic learning center and nautilus eco-resort in the Phillippines, by pioneering architect Vincent Callebaut.

We now have within our grasp and our view, a world where all people are provided the basic…

Lance Schuttler

A world that provides for all is possible.

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